The 208

Tuesday, May 18

May 18, 2021

Idaho has been the resettled home for thousands of refugees since 1975. This year, however, we're about to see refugee numbers triple thanks to an increase in the admissions cap. This could be a sudden and significant impact on those tasked with helping families resettle, but two Idaho resettlement programs say they are ready and excited for that task.

Lawmakers have been out of the Idaho Statehouse for nearly a week, but that doesn't mean legislative business has stopped. Gov. Brad Little signed several "Building Idaho's Future" bills this week, but will they build Idaho's future in terms of education?

It's definitely wise to avoid the comment section of anything, but we can't. However, we found a question regarding the upcoming hot-car summer that we felt needed to be answered: does Idaho have a "good samaritan" law?

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